Testimonials & Reviews

Andy Williams wrote:
"Two years ago I developed a node on a vocal chord by singing through a serious case of laryngitis. Big mistake!
 Dr. Berke, at UCLA Medical Center, prescribed a year of vocal rest, which I took. The node disappeared completely. After this vocal rest, I found it difficult to control my voice the way I used to. A friend of mine told me about Richard Fredricks. He helped me tremendously. After just a few sessions, he had me sounding like my old self again.
 If you are a singer who wants to sound like your old self again, by all means go see Richard Fredricks

Pat Boone wrote:

    Hello! I'm Pat Boone the singer, the entertainer and the sometime producer/director/ entrepreneur. To my own astonishment, I've not only had dream-like success in the music business (with pitiful little training), but 2004 will start the celebration of my fiftieth year in this crazy, unpredictable field. Amazing!

        They tell me I've sold somewhere around fifty million records world-wide and I know I've had sixty-three records in the Billboard charts. Movies and television and other things ensued from the recording. mainly the singing; I say all this as a preamble to the real reason for this letter.

        Along the way, I have spent some time, sometimes in the scattered sessions, with some renowned voice teachers. Some helped me a little, some not at all and I swear, one or two threw a monkey wrench into the cogs. My desire was to improve on my natural talent and also, to keep singing well for a long, long time. But, bad sound systems, wearying schedules, too much time spent on other projects and not enough on simply singing, these and other things conspired to make me feel I had "lost it!" Try as I might, I felt my singing and personal appearances and in the recording studio, was diminishing in quality and consistency, all the time.

    Then, Peter Mark Richman recommended Richard Fredricks. I had heard about his spectacular career in opera, on television and in live concerts -- but, more than that, I was told he was simply the best vocal teacher around. So I called him and began to work with him. And better yet, he worked with me.

        I swear, for the first time in my whole career, I now have a sure sense of how to produce the sound I want, the way I want, and I have a new appreciation for my own talent! I thought I had wasted it or used it up, and now it's back and loving singing again!

       I've found Richard to be the most engaging, truly interested, perceptive and capable teacher I've yet to meet. In fact, I don't need to meet another teacher; I'm quite convinced he's the best. And I'm pretty familiar with the teaching he's done in the university setting and the universally terrific response from, his students and  evidence of his ability to communicate what they need. And, some of my fellow entertainers will tell you the same thing, I'm telling you here.

         To sum up, I believe Richard Fredricks is the best teacher of voice there is, for the young and inexperienced, as well as the older singer who may have taken a couple of detours vocally, and anybody in between. And ... he doesn't just talk it or teach it -- he can do it himself, splendidly! From an obvious admirer ...