Mr. Fredricks taught voice for over thirty years in New York City, teaching his own vocal technique, as it applies to the classical and the pop repertoire,  while singing with the Metropolitan Opera and throughout the world, as a Principle Baritone. He was a frequent lecturer with Dr. W. James Gould's, International Symposium on Voice, held each year at The Juilliard School of Music. While singing at the Met, he was offered teaching positions at both Juilliard and the Manhattan Schools of music. Among those who have benefitted from my technique and, consequently, from renewed confidence are:  Renata Scotto, Andy Williams, Giorgio Tozzi, Howard Keel, Pat Boone,  Ann Blythe, Timothy Nolen, Constance Towers, Susanne Marsee, Karan Armstrong, Henry Price, Leigh Munro, Jane Powell, Jerry Vale, Bill Hayes, Donald O'Connor etc.

"The growth and development of my voice over the last seven months has been solely due to the quality of teaching that I have been receiving from Mr. Fredricks," write USC student Michael J. Elson. "I must be honest that, as a student, I was not entirely thrilled with my vocal improvement over the previous two years and now that I have studied with Professor Fredricks, I dare not trust my voice to just anyone ever again."

"My results with Mr. Fredricks speak for themselves, as evidenced by my sudden arrival at the leading baritone level," writes another USC student, E. Philip Schneider. "He has literally given me a high range in six months." Says Wesley Morrow, another USC student: "Richard Fredricks is by far the best voice teacher I have ever had. Over the last year, my vocal tone has gained in volume, focus and beauty, and the top of my range has gone from a shaky F to a solid performance quality A."

I like to tell prospective students that they should ask their teachers to demonstrate how well they sing, and if they hem and haw and otherwise excuse themselves and decline, run for the hills. I can demonstrate everything I want you to learn.